EA Sports UFC
    EA Sports UFC brought the Ultimate Fighting Championship to consoles, with realistic visuals and fantastic sound effects.

    EA Sports UFC is the game that was developed and released by EA Canada and SkyBox Labs. Initial this game was being developed only for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it was released for the first time in 2014. One year later, the game was developed and released for Android and iOS operating systems and devices. It must be emphasized that the version that were released for the Android and iOS were free-to-play versions. The game is based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship and it was the first game that was developed according to the license from the UFC in a long period of time.

    EA Sports UFC is displaying some of the best graphics and animations that the games that were created for the previously mentioned platforms ever showed. The most important things in that regards is that both graphics and animation look realistic and believable. This notion is even more emphasized through the TV broadcast style of the match and the commentators that comment on the matches. Mixed Martial Arts is really complex sport and it is even more impressive that EA Sports managed to create such good games because many have tried but unsuccessfully.

    The names that are featured in this game are really impressive. Some of the biggest names that have appeared in the Mixed Martial Arts are featured in the game and the players have the opportunity to choose them as their fighters for the games. Some of those names are T. J. Dillashaw, Tyron Woodley, Takey Mizugaki, Matt Brown, Stipe Miocic, Mike Pyle, Diego Sanchez, Michael Chiesa, Holly Holm, Anthony Johnson and many others. It is interesting that EA Sports UFC features Royce Gracie and Bruce Lee as unlockable fighters as a way of paying respect to the legends that made this sport so popular in the world. 

    Even though the characteristics of this game are even better than anyone can expect due to the complexity of the sport there are still some aspects that require improvements. One such issue is the length of the training sessions that require that players spends a relatively lot of time basically just practicing different punches and moves. Another issue that proved irritating for the players were the loading screens that took too long to load. Even though it is nice to occasionally remember the words of some of the greatest in this sport, players are there to play the game.


    Considering the complexity of the sport itself it is truly impressive what EA has done in regards to the EA Sports UFC. The graphics and animation is one of the best that EA has ever done and what is the most important is that unlike some other similar games, EA's game managed to be impressively realistic and believable. Those players who actually know martial arts will be amazed with how accurate the punches and move are in this game. The addition of legends such as Royce Gracie and especially Bruce Lee is just a sign that EA was devoted to the quality of this game. 

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    Game:EA Sports UFC
    Official Site: easports.com
    AKA: UFC
    Release Date: 06/17/14
    Series: UFC
    Studios: EA Canada, SkyBox Labs
    Publishers: EA Sports
    Genre: Sports, Fighting
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer
    Games in Series: UFC 2
    Image credit: EA Electronic Arts
    Image credit: EA Electronic Arts

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