Destiny: Rise of Iron
    Destiny: Rise of Iron is the 4th installment in the franchise, adding the Fallen race armies to an already complex and competitive gameplay

    Late 2016 witness the release of yet another extension for the Destiny game. This time the extension is called Rise of Iron. The Destiny game was developed by Bungie and it was released by Activision. It was released for two different gaming platforms and those are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This extension introduces an army of Fallen race that breach the wall that surrounds the city that is characterizes as the safest on Earth. This enemy race is using the SIVA virus, a virus that was once wiped out from Earth by Iron Lords who sacrificed themselves to destroy the virus. After the enemies reappears with the virus, the last living Iron Lord decides to be a guide for a new group of fighters who will become new Iron Lords.

    Two years ago, when the Destiny first appeared, the game was total mess. Even though the entire project was really ambitious in the end it did not deliver what gamers were expecting from this game. In order to improve on those opinions, Bungies during the next couple of years released several extensions and Rise of Iron is the fourth in that sequence. This extension does not offer any new information on the original story line that was part of the first release of the Destiny video game. Big majority of the gamers will be a lot of disappointed to hear and to experience that the entire campaign that the Rise of Iron is bringing to the Destiny video game can be finished in less than two hours.

    There are two features that caused the most discomfort among the gamers in regards to this game. The first is the fact that even after the four installments the story of the game is still not completely explained. Additionally, the story that Rise of Iron introduces is also insufficiently explained and even though we spend a lot of time attempting to understand the SIVA virus and the nanotechnology we still could not fully grasp the entire story of the extension. The second feature that causes discomfort even bigger than the lack of story explanation is the building of characters in this game and the humor that used for that purpose. Characters in Rise of Iron feel like worse versions of their previous counterparts which are not a good sing and it indicated that the developers and creators are going in the wrong direction with this feature.

    In the previous part of this review we talked about certain negative aspects of this extension. However, this extension also brings some positive side to the experience of playing the Destiny that is not that good after all. One of the positive sides of the extension are the side missions that are available for the player. While playing these side missions, player will have the opportunity to acquire new weapons that were not part of the previous extensions or the game itself. Besides the weapons, this extension is also introducing three new strikes or attacks that will be a good addition to the already existing arsenal. We cannot but think that this extension is used only as a foundation for any future extensions of the future installments of the Destiny video game because it seems that many aspects of the story are on purpose left unclosed in order to further develop them in the future installments.

    While in some previous extensions, the multiplayer campaign suffered a lot due to the lack of effort by the creators, the multiplayer campaign in the Rise of Iron seems to have improved all the bad features of the previous extensions. One positive thing that this extension is bringing in regards to the multiplayer campaign is the possibility to play in private matches. This extension also introduces a number of new and upgraded artifacts that enable characters to develop new abilities that were not included in previous extensions. Besides this, the Rise of Iron is also introducing a new mode that has not been seen in previous extensions and that is the Supremacy mode. When playing in this mode you will be required to collect the engrams of the enemies that you have killed. If you fail to do that your kill will not be counted as successful. However, since this is a completely new mode for this game it is displaying some issues that need to be improved but it must be said that this new mode has a lot of potential to become the best mode of the game.


    Even after the release of Destiny video game, many gamers had problems with sticking to the game because of all the flaws that could be notice. However, with four extensions, Bungie attempted to correct all the wrong doings from the original release. Even though the Rise of Iron is unquestionably a good fun it is still no enough in order for Destiny to be considered a complete game. There are still issues that need to be improved on and it remains to be seen whether new extension or the new installment of the game will attempt to solve those issues.

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    Game:Destiny: Rise of Iron
    Official Site: destinythegame.com
    AKA: Destiny
    Release Date: 09/09/14
    Studios: Bungie, High Moon Studios
    Publishers: Activision
    Genre: First-person shooter, Action role-playing
    Modes: Multiplayer
    Image credit: Activision
    Image credit: Activision
    Image credit: Activision

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