CrossFire is a highly popular tactical first-person shooter that has developed a cult following over the years.

    The online tactical first-person shooter developed by SmileGate, CrossFire can be played exclusively on PCs. Since 2007 when the first game hit the stores, several patches and updates were released to keep it fresh. Today it has plenty of fans worldwide and has even developed a cult following. The Korean game developer contemplates the possibility of developing a film based on the videogame

    CrossFire Gameplay

    At the cornerstone of CrossFire gameplay are the proven mechanics of free to play first-person shooters. Players get to choose between one of the two mercenary corporations and try to bring their opponents to their needs. It all begins with the decision of joining one of the online teams comprised of Black List or Global Risk soldiers. The complexity of the game was further enhanced by the necessity of working together with fellow players to complete objective-based scenarios.

    CrossFire doesn’t have role-playing elements, but exercises the same attraction as the most addictive RPG video games. As they complete new missions and achieve their goals, players will be promoted from trainee all the way up to Marshall. Customization is also possible at all levels, with players tinkering with the characters’ appearance, weapons and gear. Those who want to take customization a step further, can unlock premium items and modified guns with real currency.

    CrossFire has a dozen different game modes, including the Zombie and Wave modes which are centered on smaller teams. Team Deathmatch is the most popular, followed closely by Search & Destroy and the fast-paced Free for All mode. These are preferred by beginners, as they allow them to showcase their skills while learning the core game mechanics. The only downside is that some weapon restrictions apply.

    CrossFire Graphics and Sounds

    With customization playing such an important role in Crossfire, the visuals are very important. The default equipment and gear look pretty good, but players can easily fall in love with vanity items. There are dozens of weapons to choose from and each of them can be improved or made to look slightly different. Re-skinned versions are a rarity and players who don’t find them in game, can purchase them using real currency.

    The improvements made by Crossfire graphics are self evident when players check out the characters. They are all supposed to be visually unique and developers went to great lengths to make them look lifelike. On the bright side, they all have exactly the same functionality and those who choose to play the game for free are not at a disadvantage. The sound effects are the same for all players and they do a fine job at getting them fully immersed in the game environment.


    Crossfire is a fun game to play if you enjoy a quality first-person shooter with tactical elements. It allows players to use brute force when taking down enemies, but rewards those who resort to strategy. Skill alone will only carry you that far and if you want to be truly successful, work closely with your allies.

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    Official Site: crossfire.co.kr
    AKA: CF
    Release Date: 05/03/07
    Studios: Smilegate
    Publishers: Neowiz Games
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Modes: Multiplayer
    Image credit: Smilegate
    Image credit: Smilegate
    Image credit: Smilegate

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