Clash Royale
    Supercell has released Clash Royale in 2016 to allow players to enjoy the best of both worlds of MOBA and tower defense videogames.

    Clash Royale is a relatively new game, released by Supercell in March 2016 for a worldwide market. The game combines several types like MOBA, collectible card game and tower defence.

    The goal is to reach the highest level, which is thirteen, go through nine arenas, including the training centre and win the trophies on that path. To win a battle, player needs to destroy more towers than his opponent does, or to destroy the King´s Tower of the opponent, which is a crucial symbol of the game. This can grant a player three crown victory.  At the beginning, players are given a four cards from the eight-card deck, that player chose. These cards can be used as attack and defend option.  

    It is a free of charge game but there is a possibility to buy gems and gold using real money. With these gems and gold, player is able to buy new cards or certain chests that may have a special task for the game. It takes some time for the chest to open, depending on how rare the chest is. However, two chests unlock instantly, the Free and Crown chests. Every player receives free chests every four hours, and crown chest every 24 hours.

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    Clash Royale is a fun game for beginners but as you go on it's clear that you must buy the in-game currency to move up in the game. In Clash, you can level up the characters you use through the in-game currency and as you advance you will notice the "better" players have characters at ridiculous levels. 


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    Game:Clash Royale
    Platforms: Android iOS
    Official Site: clashroyale.com
    AKA: ClashRoyale
    Release Date: 01/04/16
    Studios: Supercell
    Publishers: Supercell
    Genre: MOBA, Cards
    Modes: Multiplayer
    Image credit: Supercell
    Image credit: Supercell
    Image credit: Supercell

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