Battlerite challenges players to jump into the virtual arena, choose their heroes and use the advanced matchmaking system to find worthy opponents.

    Battlerite is one of the team arena brawlers that players can download and enjoy through Steam. It has all the popular elements of a MOBA title, but the focus is on team fights at the expense of individual talent. The graphics are cartoonish, but the game takes itself seriously and players require skill and experience to prevail at the highest level.

    Three Types of Heroes

    Battlerite players have 15 heroes to choose from, but they all belong to one of the three categories. The ideal team should feature an eclectic mix of melee, ranged and support heroes. Grouping together champions of the same type is unlikely to deliver positive results against a balanced team. Particularly important is to have a healer and an effective damage dealer, supported by at least one ranged DPS.

    In order to minimize the risks of experienced players locking horns with amateurs, the game has a complex matchmaking system. Players are supposed to aim for the most effective team combination, but personal skills still goes a long way. Despite having only 15 champions to choose from, Battlerite allows players to use various fight combinations, based on the unique skills of these heroes.

    Enter the Circular Arena

    The vast majority of MOBA video games will have players starting at the opposite ends of a map. When playing Battlerite, teams plunge into a circular arena and the matches are only fought in a 3v3 or 2v2 format. Despite having fewer players involved, the small size of the map leads to intense games, where players use abilities in a quick succession.

    With fewer heroes to choose from, the Battlerite learning curve is not particularly steep. To make the game slightly more complex, the developers have added cards that are available at the beginning of each round. These have the uncanny effect of buffing up the standard hero abilities and empower players to weave slightly more complex strategies.

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    Official Site: battlerite.com
    AKA: Battlerite
    Release Date: 09/20/16
    Studios: Stunlock Studios
    Publishers: Stunlock Studios
    Genre: Action-adventure
    Modes: Multiplayer, Online multiplayer
    Image credit: Stunlock Studios
    Image credit: Stunlock Studios
    Image credit: Stunlock Studios

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