Battlefield Hardline
    Battlefield Hardline brings more changes to the Battlefield franchise than any of its predecessors, while retaining the authentic core gameplay.

    Battlefield games seem to never disappoint us and one of the latest additions to the Battlefield family, Hardline, is yet another fantastic game by Electronic Arts. The game first hit the shelves in March 2015, and has conquered the market by storm.

    Unlike most other Battlefield games that are set in a wartime environment, Battlefield Hardline is a game that puts the player in the role of a police officer and offers a significantly different feel. The main campaign allows the player to experience the thrills of being a part of the police force, while multiplayer has players play as cops or the bad guys in exciting large scale or 5 v 5 matches.

    Currently available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC, Battlefield Hardline is one of the most innovative games in the Battlefield series and certainly one that has expanded the generally fantastic franchise.

    Battlefield Hardline Single Player Campaign

    The role of super cop arresting big bad narco dealers has been the theme of so many action movies over the years that few people have not wished to try it out for themselves. Hardline’s main campaign lets us do just that, as the main protagonist is a police officer on the hunt for the bad guys.

    The campaign allows for some great choices, as you can arrest or kill the criminals, earning more experience for every arrest you make. Arresting the bad guys requires you to get them off guard, which means stealthy gameplay is rewarded, but if you prefer to shoot anything that moves, the game lets you do it, only for fewer experience points.

    The story of the campaign is somewhat riddled with clichés, but the characters are often humoristic and relatable, while a few are somewhat plastic and unrealistic. The main characters do have a solid background and the voices and animations are done to near perfection, making the 7 hour long campaign quite easy to enjoy.

    Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer

    Multiplayer is what the Battlefield franchise is all about, and Hardline gives us more of what we have grown to expect from the series in the sense of multiplayer, and then some. Instead of tanks and army planes, this time we can take control of fast sports cars and helicopters and take part in street shootouts unlike those we were used to in earlier Battlefield games.

    The conquest mode allows up to 66 players to join in large scale cops v criminals showdown, while other gameplay modes allow for more intricate combat. Hardline’s Hotwire and 5v5 gameplay modes allow the players to play faster paced and more adrenaline fueled matches. The total of nine maps included with the game may seem like few, but the adaptability of the maps and the number of modes you can play each one in gives quite a few options and chances to live through a new experience each time you play.


    Significantly different to most other Battlefield games, Battlefield Hardline is an impressive simulation of what it means to be a police officer. The single player campaign is engaging and fun, but lasts only about 7 hours. The multiplayer version, on the other hand, is there for hundreds of hours of additional fun and exciting strategic gameplay. All of this, set in a visually beautiful world, makes Battlefield Hardline one of the finer shooting games out there.

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    Game:Battlefield Hardline
    Official Site: battlefield.com
    AKA: BF Hardline
    Release Date: 03/17/15
    Series: Battlefield
    Studios: Visceral Games
    Publishers: Electronic Arts
    Genre: First-person shooter
    Modes: Multiplayer
    Games in Series: WWE 2K18 PES2018 NBA 2K18 BF 4 BF1
    Image credit: EA Electronic Arts
    Image credit: EA Electronic Arts
    Image credit: EA Electronic Arts

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