Basketball Stars
    Basketball Stars is a mobile friendly video game bringing authentic 1v1 multiplayer basketball to the fingertips of enthusiastic players.

    Basketball Stars is yet another game that was developed by Miniclip that was released for mobile devices. Even though at the first sight it may seem that Basketball Stars is far from interesting game, this game is actually offering many interesting features to players who have the option to play this game in the multiplayer mode.

    Unlike the similar games' objective is to have as many as successful shots during the game, Basketball Stars' objective is to play against the real life opponent. The second mode that this game is offering is the one where the game will play the one-on-one match and one player will attempt to block the shot.

    Interesting feature of this game is that it requires the player to bet with in-game currency on whether or not they will make the shot. If the player's bet is correct he or she will win the entire pot but if it is not correct he or she will lose the entire pot.

    The system of points is created so that you get two points for a basket and you get three points for a successful shot that does not touch the rim. The game is completed when one of the players reaches 10 points. Because of that, the best strategy that you can use for this game is to have as many perfect shots as possible.

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    Game:Basketball Stars
    Platforms: Android iOS
    Official Site: miniclip.com
    AKA: BasketballStars
    Release Date: 03/24/16
    Studios: Miniclip
    Publishers: Miniclip
    Genre: Sports, Basketball
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

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