8 Ball Pool
    8 Ball Pool is the most popular game of pool, easy yet competitive and a real treat to those who seek access to a huge community of players.

    8 Ball Pool is a game that was developed and released by Miniclip for the iOS devices. The main advantage of this game is the graphics that was used for this game it truly is remarkable considering that the game was developed for phones.

    This game provides the player to be a part of the huge online community of players who compete against each other whether they are part of the Miniclip or Facebook community. Before you start playing this game you will have to sign in and it does not matter whether you will use your Miniclip or your Facebook account.

    The game has five levels that are named according to the cities and those levels are London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo and Las Vegas. In order to play the game against some other player you will have to pay certain fee that is paid by in-game currency and as the player moves up the levels the fees become higher.  

    In case you win the game the reward will the double amount of the entry fee. Important feature of this game is that there is a time limitation of 30 seconds that every player has before making a move. In that way, the duration of the game is significantly reduced. The feedback from the players indicates that this is really addictive game and it is no wonder with such graphics and animation.

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    Game:8 Ball Pool
    Platforms: Android iOS Mobile Phone
    Official Site: miniclip.com
    AKA: 8BallPool
    Release Date: 07/03/16
    Studios: Miniclip
    Publishers: Miniclip
    Genre: Sports
    Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer

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