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    WorldGaming is a popular online video game platform hosting competitions and tournaments and enabling 1v1 matches in more than 25 games on a range of consoles.

    WorldGaming is an online video game platform hosting tournaments and enabling 1v1 matches in more than 25 games on a range of consoles. The platform has hosted more than 25 million matches in the last six years and it’s considered one of the most popular gaming platforms in the World with more than 2.5 million registered users.

    The platform was founded in 2010 and with the ease of access, user-friendly interface, and direct access to the in-game servers with exclusive partnerships, it was easy to predict the swift rise to fame WorldGaming had.   

    WorldGaming Consoles and Games

    The platform was initially available to PS3 and Xbox 360 players, with easy confirmation of user IDs and matchmaking opportunities. Since its start, the devices available have expanded to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii and PC through Steam.

    The platform is best known for hosting exclusive EA Sports and Take-Two Interactive tournaments and matches with games such as FIFA, NHL, Madden and NBA2K series with all the current and recent titles available. The other games available include Rainbox Six: Siege, Halo 5: Guardians, Titanfall, UFC, Rocket League, Capcom’s Street Fighter V and many more.

    WorldGaming has also gone a step further and partnered with Steam, offering titles such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Mortal Combat X. With a wide array of games available the platform provides one of the most complete services out there.

    Interface and Features

    As we already mentioned, the platform is very user-friendly and easy to use. WorldGaming will allow you to host and accept challenges with ease, with a minimum bet of just $5 and the maximum at $1000. It is based in a single window with easy navigation and a clean look.  It’s easy to set up challenges and even easier looking into them and choosing if you’d like to accept or deny.

    The basic settings are the map, type of match, weapons you can use and more. Once the challenge is issued, the challenged player will receive a challenge card which he can open and check out the details just as he can open user profiles with basic info and reputation before accepting the challenge.

    If the bet is accepted it will take place according to the set terms which have to be followed for the system to accept the match, with examples such as timing, specific weapons etc. If the challenge is rejected, the challenging player can either discard the challenge or post is as Open where any player can list it and accept.

    The platform also offers a private chat feature which we found very useful when agreeing on the terms of matches, as it has a pop-up alert within the platform, and getting to know other players, adding them to your friends list and much more.

    WorldGaming Game Formats

    While WorldGaming is still probably known for the head-to-head challenges which allow you to actually set up the format as it was explained above, there are also free-to-play tournaments as well as paid tourneys. Once you enter a tournament, you can browse the brackets, research the other players and more. The rounds are played based on the availability where you need to check in ten minutes before the next round.

    The platform is devoted to eSports and constantly offers a range of tourneys for different skill levels in many of the games. Fall 2016, for example, was marked by the $10K tournaments in 4 main titles (Madden 17 Kickoff, NBA 2K17 Tipoff, FIFA 17 Shootout and NHL 17 Puck Drop). WorldGaming is known for the percentage winnings, and these tournaments were structured so the winners in every tournament get $3,000, second place holds $1,000 USD, third and fourth place get $300 and fifth to eighth place get $100.

    It’s important to note that in 2015, WorldGaming was acquired by Cineplex Entertainment, who planned and started to use the cinema chain as venues for the e-sports events in the offer. Summer 2016 was marked by the Uncharted 4 Canadian Championships which just showed how advanced and viable this idea is!

    Possible Issues and Smart Solutions

    WorldGaming is a well-built system with attention to every detail building on the experience of a large pool of experts including online casinos and the gaming industry. The customer support is well-trained and able to solve issues with genuine care. The platform has strict rules on cheats so only reliable consoles and platforms are partners, while connection and other issues are handled with care and investigated by the customer support and the supervisors.

    There’s a wide array of available deposit and withdrawal methods including the most-used credit cards and e-wallets such as Paypal. You will need to use the same method and the client funds are held in top-notch banks. Player-to-player transfers are not available and the system is fully automatized.

    It’s very easy to raise issues with the customer support and the supervisor will be able to make full refunds if deemed necessary, based on the match results, screenshot evidence and the official data. Obviously disconnecting on purpose can have consequences and any attempt of fraud will result in a ban.

    Getting Started With WorldGaming

    It’s very easy to set up an account on WorldGaming, where you’ll need to fill in your basic info and the Xbox gamer tag, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Network or Steam ID which track your consoles. You can also set up your account through Social media login (Facebook and Google). After creating an account, you can easily add the games you own and would like to play with just one click. To further set up your account you need to add the preferred availability times and some more details, getting ready to join the specific game lobby and take on some challenges!

    The ease of access just completes the service offered by the platform. WorldGaming has also announced they would be soon adding turn-based and board games such as chess, checkers and more, but there are obvious obstacles in verifying user IDs and tracking the results.

    World Gaming Competitions


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    • 5

    Easy to use and awesome prize pools WorldGaming is one of the finest 1 vs 1 gaming leagues you can find today. Though most of the games on WorldGaming are targeted towards sports oriented gamers but also provide something for everything which includes Counter Strike Global offensive and Uncharted.  I've been on WorldGaming  for over 3 months now and haven't found anything worth complaining about. 


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    • 3

    Similar to Gamer Saloon, World Gaming seems to have its focus on sports titles such as: NBA 2K, NHL, Madden, and FIFA. This site offers wager matches, pay-to-enter and free tournaments, as well as the occasional LAN event. If you aren't into sports, they do have other titles on numerous consoles, making the site user friendly to all. 


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    • 5

    finally an online videogame platform that actually pays attention to what us console players need. I know that real-time strategy games and MOBAs only work on PCs, but who needs them, right? Racing games, fighters and first-person shooters are my cup of tea and WorldGaming has them all. I’ve heard they were founded in 2010, but I’ve only been around for a couple of months and I already love the product. If you’re not afraid of a little challenge, you’ll find me in FIFA, NHL, Madden and NBA2K games.


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