Major League Gaming
    With over 9 million members, MLG is a premier eSports competition site that is considered among the industry's leaders. Players can participate in gamebattles on a wide range of games on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, PC and Mobile.

    Major League Gaming is likely the largest and most popular eSports league in America and the rest of the world. The League was invented to pit the best professional eSports players who play Call Of Duty, HALO, Super Smash Bros and a variety of other popular eSports.
    With eSports growing larger by the day, Major League Gaming have taken it upon themselves to promote and grow the popularity of the games to a worldwide audience, mainly through their completely free to watch MLG.tv which is used to bring eSports closer to the audience.
    MLG has grown into a major sports league and has organized numerous live circuit events across Canada and the United States of America in recent years, with the absolute best of the elite gamers participating in these events and competing in their favorite eSports.

    Major League Gaming eSports Offered

    Major League Gaming is one of the most extensive eSports competitions sites in the world. As you might expect, major eSports such as Call Of Duty: Black Ops III, NBA 2K17, NHL 17, Overwatch and Rocket League are among the more covered events, but the site also features leaderboards for various other games such as 8 Ball Pool, Fun Run 2 and Scavenger Hunt which may seem a bit more trivial on the face of things.

    Call Of Duty games are currently quite dominant at the MLG, but the company is also involved in organization of tournaments in games such as World Of Warcraft and other games that may not receive as much popularity otherwise. The Gamebattles at MLS are where teams can acquire points for the various ladders, while the various 32 team tournaments organized by the company pit these teams against each other in bracketed formats, with actual real money buyins and prize pools.
    Major League Gaming allows for players who play on a variety of platforms to compete against each other, with PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Wii U and Mobile all supported. The variety of consoles accepted greatly increases the number of tournaments available as well.

    Major League Gaming Tournaments

    Major League Gaming is famous for organizing eSports tournaments on a daily basis where on site currency called Credits is used by players and teams to enter the tournament. The currency is purchased for real money and once the tournament is complete, the winning players win a share of a real money prize pool.
    All tournaments at MLG are based on a 32 player, single or double elimination bracket. The vast majority of current tournaments are organized in Call Of Duty games but players can frequently also participate in tournaments in other popular games such as Madden or NBA 2K17. While many tournaments are free for anyone to enter after paying the fee, other tournaments are invitational and sponsored by the MLG and their various sponsors.
    The tournaments at MLS are not high buyin tournaments and you can actually participate in many of them for as little as $10 per player, which is quite reasonable for most players. Some restrictions do apply to these tournaments as some tournaments are reserved for amateur players only or only accept players from Europe or Americas.

    Major League Gaming Television

    MLG.tv is Major League Gaming’s streaming platform. The platform allows the faithful fans of eSports to watch not only streams of matches in various eSports, but also a ton of other fun and useful content, such as tournament previews, summaries and instructional videos with world’s best professionals.
    If you are a fan of eSports, MLG.tv is the one place you should visit to get all the latest news and information from the eSports world in a video format. MLG.tv is absolutely stacked with video featuring world’s finest eSports players, their input, reactions and interviews all in one place.
    The best part about MLG.tv is that you will never pay a dime for all this exclusive content as it is all available completely free of charge and the platform pays for itself entirely by using ads that appeal to eSports fans.
    The MLG Television features high end 1080p HD streams and you can expect full coverage of all major eSports tournaments out there, as long as it is a game that MLG generally covers. If you are a professional gamer yourself and looking to stream on a good platform, MLG may very well allow it and let you in on their streamers team.

    Major League Gaming Store And Payments

    In order to enter Major League Gaming tournaments, you will have to purchase credits from the Store on the site. The store allows you to purchase various amounts of credits for real money, with 10 credits costing $7.50 and 100 credits available for $75, with no discount for buying in bulk.
    Other than the credits, the MLG store also sells other things such as Premium Membership for $4.99 per month and tickets to various live eSports events such as the MLG Las Vegas in December 2016 and other similar events.
    Once you are ready to checkout your items, you will have an option to pay for them using your debit or credit card or your PayPal account with other payment methods currently not available. The one thing you certainly need not worry about is the safety of your funds and the reliability of the site as they have been operating for almost a decade without any issues.

    Getting Started With Major League Gaming

    Major League Gaming is mostly made for professional eSports teams with some amateur events and the MLG.tv aimed directly at amateurs and fans. Still, those who have an eSports team have every chance to join the site and start entering small competitions in hopes of breaking through bit by bit.
    This is an excellent place for upstart teams to try their skills against other teams and actually stand a chance to win some real money and even complete amateurs can still have some fun at Major League Gaming, if nothing else, than by playing the various mobile game competitions on offer.

    Major League Gaming Competitions


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    • 5
       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    The Alpha and Omega of eSports. That’s what I would call Major League Gaming. I dare you, I double dare you to find a better competition regardless of what game you prefer. The only think that sometimes annoys me about them is that I get crushed so often in competitive games. If I had a dollar for every hour spent watching games for free on MLG.tv, I’d be able to buy something nice for my girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. Heh, I guess sometimes you end up paying them more for the things you get for free.


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    • 5
       1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

    Who knew that virtual XP could be such a hit? With thousands of matches being played daily, Major League Gaming (MLG) is the top brand when it comes to the competitive gaming scene.  The competition is fierce, and the players will do whatever it takes to take home the win. If you're an avid gamer and want to have fun playing competitively, for XP or for money, MLG is the place to play. 


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    • 5

    MLG is one of my favorites organization when it comes to COD. I don't think there is a single organizer other than MLG that hosts one of the biggest COD events. Other than that, MLG provides online tournaments through which you can register your team and gear up to win the prize. It has always been a great opportunity for me to take part in the GameBattle powered by MLG. The atmosphere is electric and all the games are pretty fun to play at MLG. 


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    • 4

    Great company that allows followers to stay in touch with some great eSports games. Their Lan events are usually top notch. However their streaming site MLG.tv has always been 5 steps behind Twitch. 


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