Gaming Battle Ground
    GBG is a platform for PC and console gamers who want to compete against tens of thousands of skilled opponents in preset tournaments or events organized by them.

    GamingBattleGround is a virtual arena that brings competitive gaming to your fingertips. Members can create and manage tournaments or sign up into existing ones for a chance to win prizes. Many events are available for free and others have low registration fees, yet winners claim large paychecks. League of Legends is the main game here, although the website isn’t endorsed by Riot Games.

    GamingBattleGround Consoles and Games

    GamingBattleGround competitions cover a total of seven games, but League of Legends is at the cornerstone of most of them. MOBA fans can also play Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm and SMITE, available exclusively on PC. Hearthstone and StarCraft 2 are the other flagship games from Blizzard Entertainment that have great tournaments here. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners can play FIFA.

    GamingBattleGround League Structure

    GamingBattleGround runs hundreds of tournaments every month and players can find them listed in the competitive section. Brackets are generated automatically, with exactly 10 minutes before the event begins. Those who choose to join such a tournament can select one from the list, but players also have the option of setting up tournaments themselves. Members can search and add friends, create a team and use the personal referral link provided by the company to bring in their buddies.

    GamingBattleGround Interface and Features

    Navigation on the GamingBattleGround website is silky smooth and all the games are available at your fingertips. The easiest way to win cash is by joining tournaments organized by others. Players can also get access to some events by inviting friends, with 10 referrals granting access to a $100 tournament. Those who use the referral link provided can also win STEELSERIES Mice and other gaming gear. The website has its own shop where players can spend the GBG Points earned for winning free competitions.

    Getting Started With GamingBattleGround

    Prospective players need to set up a GamingBattleGround account and start browsing the list of eligible games. They can join existing tournaments, organize and manage their own or challenge their friends for a match.

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    • 4

    I’m trying really hard to make a living off playing video games. I like to think that Gaming Battle Ground is a place to start. They’ve got the website, the games and probably the community to run a successful eSports business. So far I’m not as successful as I wished for, but hopefully I’ll catch my big break. In any case I keep you up-to-date with my progress. Ah, and apparently you can also make money by organizing tournaments. Good luck with that, I can’t even organize my daily routine.


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    Compete for cash prizes or join free entry tournaments where you can win GBG Points
    GBG Points can be exchanged for in-game items from GBG Shop.
    Official URL: gamingbattleground.com
    AKA: GBG
    Established Date: 01/01/16
    Competitions Types: Tournaments
    Languages: English
    Payment Methods: Paypal
    Regions: Europe
    Supported Platforms: Personal Computer
    Refer a Friend
    Refer a Friend
    Get access to some tournaments by inviting your friends- example: 10 invites and you can get into a $100 tournament

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