European Gaming League
    European Gaming League is a professional eSports competition platform letting players take part in eSports competitions as well as watch them on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

    E-sports is developing as fast as ever and there are many gaming platforms on the Internet that will provide access to a gaming challenge for professional teams to compete and amateur players to try out the thrills. European Gaming League will allow you access to a wide array of game opportunities as well as Live events with a huge viewer base and prize pools. With the ease of access and banking opportunities, EGL makes tournaments for most of the video game consoles.

    European Gaming League was founded in 2010 and while it was first run as a volunteer platform from gamers for gamers, the UK-based platform soon became one of the biggest E-sports organizers and providers. Since 2014, the EGL.tv turned to backers such as BBH and started providing the services to a bigger player pool as well as organizing big LAN tournaments.

    Largely focused on the United Kingdom and Europe, European Gaming League now regularly runs both online and live events for some of the currently biggest video game titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops III and League of Legends. The platform was formed as a place where gamers would meet other gamers and compete for the titles as a single player or a team.

    EGL.tv Consoles and Games

    Besides being available to PC gamers, the platform was initially available to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players but recently it completely moved to new-generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. European Gaming League is well-known for organizing some of the biggest Live Call of Duty tournaments attracting players from many European countries and usually held in the United Kingdom, while some of the games currently available include Call of Duty Black Ops III, League of Legends, and Smite as well as community cups in Halo series and more.

    European Gaming League Game Formats

    Interestingly, EGL does not offer challenges but rather focuses on promoting large-scale tournaments, providing an e-sports experience to all interested parties. The idea to promote e-sports and actively develop it underlies the whole concept of the platform and the tournaments organized. Bringing competitive players together through cash prize tournaments seems to be an ultimate goal for EGL.

    Through a clean interface and environment, all tournaments highlight the terms and formats and all players can easily browse through them and apply. Examples of the most recognizable tourneys are currently 4v4 Black Ops III Variant cups, League of Legends 5v5 Bronze to Gold tourneys.

    European Gaming League events are very popular and streaming live via Twitch and YouTube, while also offering on-demand videos, they have attracted millions of users worldwide. For example, tournaments such as EGL Open in London 2016 have seen hundreds of thousands of unique views via Twitch only, with prize pool divided among the first eight spots. 

    Interface and Features

    Through a very simple and straight-forward interface, the platform offers a user-friendly environment in a social network setting for both professional and novice players. It’s easy to set-up an account and start playing on EGL, with easy navigation and a detailed new user tutorials. As mentioned above, the platform focuses on the large-scale tournaments and as such, it offers features to best provide such a service. 

    European Gaming League offers a simplified, tab preview of the tournaments where you can browse the tourney partners, admins, and other details. The Participants tab allows you to see a list of registered participants for the tournaments but not the seeding while Rules tab will give a detailed overview of the tournament rules and terms. Finally, after seeding is done you can see the tournaments fixtures and later the results, where every fixture opens the Match fixture page where you can check out the players and the current result/status.

    News and Reviews

    European Gaming League also offers a great news section with constant updates on the future and on-going tournaments as well as the gaming industry in general. The section is constantly updated and forms the core of the EGL community. There are also video reports on tournaments and footages recorded live from the tournament venues.

    The game reviews are also given a huge spot on the site and there are multiple reviews published every week which gives a better insight and provides detailed overviews of hit gaming titles that either feature in the EGL tournaments or mark the industry as a whole.

    Support and Payment Methods

    When it comes to depositing and withdrawing money with European Gaming League, there are many different payment methods for both online and live tourneys. Some of the most used methods are Visa Debit and Visa Electron cards, MasterCard, Paypal as well as cash payments. Payouts are usually made using the same methods as used for depositing.

    Support is held in high regard at EGL and the platform offers a high standard of service, where you can submit support tickets if you have issues with any Match which can be found on respective Match Fixture pages. Also, there is a help center in your profile where you can find all active tickets and support replies.

    Getting Started With EGL

    As said, it’s rather easy starting an account with European Gaming League, where after the initial set up you are redirected to the three-step process to set up your preferences. You can add multiple consoles and platforms to your account including PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam ID, League of Legends accounts (Summoner Name), Smite account and many more.

    Furthermore, there’s a list of games to add as well as adding teams and changing the team settings you added where you can sign up for tournaments by selecting the team and players for it. Of course, you can also sign up to player tournaments simply by clicking Enter Cup button on the Tournament page. Voila! You’re already in and ready to make your first appearances!

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    • 5

    I’ve always thought that there was a dire need for major European competition. The MLG is all inclusive and anyone can tag along, but personally I enjoy playing my competitive games with the European Gaming League. The prize pools are comparable with what their American counterparts offer, and I think they have the upper hand it comes to LAN tournaments. Interaction between players is encouraged and facilitated and I’ve made plenty of friends here over the years.


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    Official URL: egl.tv
    AKA: EGL
    Established Date: 01/01/16
    Competitions Types: Tournaments
    Languages: English
    Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard
    Regions: Europe

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