eSports Wall
    eSports Wall is a prime competitive eSports platform that offers prospective gamers a great many matches and way to compete.

    eSports Wall is one of the leading gaming platforms for eSports aficionados, running tournaments for seven popular video games. They set important milestones in 2016, by expanding the customer base, adding new events and boosting payouts. Now they have a new website, which looks better, is easy to navigate and features new tools aimed at making the gaming experience flawless. They also have a new system that was built based on the feedback received from players, offering some amazing features.

    eSports Wall Consoles and Games

    League of Legends, Blade & Soul, Hearthstone, BattleRite, Trackmania 2: Stadium, Paladins: Champions of the Realm and Rocket League are the video games featured by eSports Wall. There are tournaments and a ladder system for each of them, with the big winners being crowned at the end of the season. Some of the games can be played exclusively on PCs, but most are compatible with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Those who don’t have time to participate in ample tournaments and season-long events, can challenge their friends and peers for quick matches.

    eSports Wall League Structure

    The eSports Wall seasons span over the course of three months and the goal is to secure the first place in these tournaments. Players can sign up alone or with the team and play any of the seven games listed above. The leaderboards for all these titles are updated on a daily basis, so participants can easily monitor their performance. The most dedicated players can use the new organizations system to manage multiple teams for all the games they offer.

    Points are earned when winning matches in all the games played and progress is easy to quantify in the leaderboard system. Members also have access to relevant statistics for all the games offered. They serve the purpose of helping them make amends and improve their performance instead of making the same mistakes. Successful players will be rewarded not only with cash at the end of the season, but also banners, titles, badges and other fancy items throughout the year.

    The points earned for winning games can be spent in the eSports Wall prize shop. This is a great place to visit by those who choose to play for free and are successful enough as to win prizes. Here, they can unlock everything from small gift cards to expensive gaming gear. At the end of the day, it comes full circle as players receive the equipment needed to better themselves and win even more tournaments.

    Getting Started With eSports Wall

    eSports Wall offers all its services and features for free to those who sign up for an account. Before they get to enjoy the thrills of real money tournaments, members can participate in free games and events with guaranteed prize pools. The points earned for defeating opponents in competitive games can be spent in the prize shop to acquire high-end gaming gear and branded merchandise.

    eSports Wall Competitions


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    • 4

    If you are a one trick pony like myself, then you’re probably not worry too much about the fact that Esportswall features just six games. As long as League of Legends is on the list, I could not care less about the rest. I assume more first-person shooters and real-time strategy games will be added, but that’s not exactly my chief concern. Overall I like the website and I think I’ll stick around for a bit longer.


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    Official URL: esportswall.com
    AKA: ESW
    Established Date: 02/01/17
    Competitions Types: Tournaments
    Languages: English
    Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Maestro, MasterCard Debit, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin
    Regions: Europe
    Supported Platforms: iOS Microsoft Windows Personal Computer

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