Checkmate Gaming
    CheckMate Gaming (CMG) offers a wide range of competitive eSports events including wagers, ladders and tournaments in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

    CheckMate Gaming, also known as CMG, is a leading eSports platform of the most competitive online competitions for the top gaming enthusiast and players around the globe. The innovative and user-friendly platform includes a full set of advanced features, first-class services, 24/7 support, and premier competitions. The complete offering delivers an unparalleled gaming experience, bringing gamers to the next generation of the eSports community. 

    Launched in 2016, CMG is quickly on its way to becoming the number one online competitive gaming platform in the industry. The combination of game-changing innovations, vast industry knowledge, and a proven commitment to technical excellence has allowed CMG to deliver the best all-round player experience in a safe, reliable, and fun gaming environment. The team’s deep understanding of players and the unique challenges faced has enabled the brand to acquire thousands of players worldwide, including some of the top names and players in the gaming community. 


    The CMG platform was developed by highly motivated, creative, and innovative individuals who definitely know a thing or two about gaming. They have been the gamer, played the battles, shed blood and tears, and even left the battlefield as champions, well most of them anyways. 


    The CMG store is comprised of numerous exclusive products and services. Members can purchase CMG credits to access online tournaments, paid ladders, elite membership benefits, and many more exceptional services. Once CMG credits are purchased members can use their purchased credits as they wish. 

    CMG offers three different credits ranging from $4.99 - $19.99: 25 credits cost $4.99, 50 credits costs $14.99, and 100 credits costs $19.99. To enter a tournament costs roughly around 10 to 15 credits per person. Members can purchase multiple batches of credits to store in their account and use for upcoming/future tournaments. 

    For those members looking to gain elite membership benefits, the CMG store also offers several different elite packages that vary in benefits, monthly subscription, and cost.  For example, the Elite Standard Membership is offered in three different monthly subscriptions: 1 month costs $4.99, 3 months costs $12.99, and 6 months costs $29.99. Perks of elite memberships include Reset Member Statistics, 1 Double XP 24h, Elite Member Tournaments Only, High Priority Tickets, Change Username, and Stat Reset. 


    CMG offers gamers the chance to compete in the most competitive online ladders, tournaments, and wages in a fun, fair, and friendly gaming community. Dedicated to putting the players needs first, the CMG platform is available across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, giving players instant access to premium gaming content and topnotch services any time, anywhere. CMG has built a gaming community where players can play their favorite Call of Duty video game for real money in a number of unique and exciting ways.


    To keep the action flowing, CMG allows players to compete in daily tournaments, playoffs, and competitions. The ever so popular Call of Duty games are currently the only available games, but there has been much discussion of organizing tournaments covering various other renowned eSport video games. Players can compete in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 competitions across PS4 and Xbox One gaming consoles. 

    After a player has created a CMG player account, they may enter any tournament for free. Majority of CMG tournaments are based on 32 player, single, or double elimination bracket. There may be some restrictions that apply to certain tournaments as some tournaments only accept players from specific countries and/or regions. CMG asks that all players review every rule prior to entering and competing in a tournament. 

    Teams are created based off of the gaming console you select to play on.  After your team has joined the ladder and you got competitors to battle, the matches will begin. Make sure to read the ladder rules before participating – trust us, you don’t want to miss out on the action. Not to mention, the top 32 teams from each ladder will compete every Saturday in our Weekly Playoff Tournaments for a chance to win that big cash prize!


    CMG offers daily wager matches where players can game and earn money at the same time. CMG wagers allow players to put money on the line while competing in head-to-head Call of Duty battles. All the player needs to do is click “Wagers” on the side menu bar, “Create Wager Match”, select your gaming console to play on (Xbox One or PS4), select your game, and finally chose the team size. 


    If you like gaming then CMG is paradise for you. CMG has strategically built an eSports platform that caters to all gamers out there. Whether you already have an eSports team or are new to the gaming world but looking to hope on the bandwagon, CMG welcomes all types of players!

    A very talented team of designers have carefully formatted the website, making it smooth and easy to navigate your way around and all functionalities being user-friendly. Getting started with CMG is super easy. Simply to go CheckMateGaming.com and click ‘Register’, which is located in the top right menu bar. After you are directed to the register page all that is left is filling out the mandatory fields. Once each section is completed click ‘SIGN ME UP!’ and voilà just like that you have successfully joined CMG and are free to get your game on!



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    • 5

    Although a lot of people had mixed emotions towards the new up and coming site, CMG had a successful launch. The site had thousands of users within the first few minutes, and players began playing right away. CMG hosts daily tournaments, weekly playoffs, and has plans on implementing a wager system similar to UMG's. The CMG site has easy navigation, and their live support is available at most times to provide support to all users.


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    • 4

    i have to say I was a bit intimidated by the name of this eSports platform when I signed up. back then I wasn’t the best player, not that I am today or anything. CheckMate Gaming is rather new, being founded in 2016 but they came a long way in just a matter of months. they’ve got a great platform, created by people who obviously understand the eSports industry. it stays true to its name though, as the ones playing here are quite good at what they’re doing. be ready to be check-mated in a couple of moves.


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    Official URL: checkmategaming.com
    AKA: CMG
    Established Date: 12/25/16
    Competitions Types: Wagers, Tournaments, Ladders
    Languages: English
    Payment Methods: Visa, Paypal
    Supported Platforms: PlayStation 4 Xbox One

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