Popularity Award Levels

Get followers, boost your reputation and climb up the leaderboards. 1StopeSports members are granted Popularity Awards for contributing to the community through helping, interacting and creating quality content. Be the star of the show!

  1. Charmer 1

    Member got 10 followers.

  2. Charmer 2

    Member got 50 followers.

  3. Charmer 3

    Member got 100 followers.

  4. Charmer 4

    Member got 500 followers.

  5. Charmer 5

    Member got more than 1000 followers.

  6. Hotshot

    Member reputation has reached 100 points.

  7. Role Model

    Member reputation has reached 500 points.

  8. Celebrity

    Member reputation has reached 1000 points.

  9. Superhero

    Member reputation has reached 5000 points.

  10. God Among Men

    Member reputation has reached over 10,000 points.


Awards are given to members based on different factors and actions that further contribute to the 1StopeSports community as a whole.

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Leaderboards put the spotlight on 1StopeSports' most prominent members with attention given to factors such as awards, reputation, forum activity and more.

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